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  • Crate and Barrel NYC

    The Heavenly Chef, Mark Chabus recently did one of his showcases at Crate and Barrel in the City.   Everyone was taken back by the taste and presentation of the food.  If your not sure if Heavenly Chef is right for you, hopefully these images will convince you otherwise.   Also we will try to keep you informed on future showcases, maybe you can stop by and book your next event right there and then!

About Heavenly Chef

Heavenly Chef is a full service catering and event company specializing in all-hors d’oeuvre cocktail receptions. We took everyone’s favorite part of the party, “the cocktail hour” and made it our business. Exhilarate your guests by offering them tantalizing miniature versions of their favorite foods in a new and exciting way. Keep them satisfied and pleasantly entertained with extraordinary taste and elegant presentations. We are known as the creators of the “ultimate cocktail party™,” designed to feed your guests an extravagant 3.5 hour tasting menu.

Our mission is to provide your guests with the absolute best food experience possible. We start with the highest quality ingredients; always fresh, local, seasonal and mostly organic. It is our belief that in order to prepare incredible food you must begin with exceptional ingredients. Our menu is carefully designed to please a variety of palates and excite the senses of each and every guest.

For over nine years, our founder, Mark Chabus, has been working hard to refine and enhance the art of the cocktail party. He is extremely well versed in this style and understands the importance of seamlessly orchestrating an event. His attention to detail, years of experience and enthusiasm make Heavenly Chef the top choice for stand out cocktail receptions.

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Mark Chabus

Mark Chabus is the owner and executive chef of Heavenly Chef, Inc. He is classically trained and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. He worked at a world-renowned exclusive hotel before leaving to build his own culinary company in 2003. Chabus’ passion for food, wine and people affect every aspect of his life. His philosophy is to support local growers, artisans and merchants, to handpick the absolute highest quality ingredients and to cook food according to each season. Over the past decade he has traveled extensively to Europe and across the U.S. in search of extraordinary food and wine. He incorporates his knowledge and inspirations into each and every culinary endeavor. Chabus has a reputation for creating and effectuating elaborate cocktail parties for exclusive clients and corporations.

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